Jakobi Talbot Game Programmer

About Me


Hi! My name is Jakobi, welcome to my website!

I'm a 21 year old AIE graduate to pursuing my childhood passion: game programming. Video games and computers have been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember, and I've been hooked to programming since the day I first attempted it; there's just something magical about seeing all the lines of code you've spent hours writing get compiled into exactly what you hoped it would be. Pursuing a career that incorporated my passions into one seemed like a no-brainer.

My Expertise

Programming Languages

Proficient in:

  • C++14
  • C#

Knowledge of:

  • GLSL
  • HTML


Experience in using tools such as Git and Subversion for version control, Trello for project management/task allocation and Microsoft Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code as an IDE.

Featured Projects

Elixir Mixer

  • Virtual Reality
  • Unity coroutines

Elixir Mixer is a game created as part of my 2019 end of year project in my final year at AIE.

It is a VR bartending game created in Unity by a team composed of 1 designer, 1 producer, 4 artists and myself as the 1 programmer.

Source Code

Dino Throwdown

  • Working in a team
  • Project management and milestones
  • Controller input for several players

Dino Throwdown was created in Unity as an end of year project in 2018 during my first year at AIE by a team composed of a designer, a producer, 2 programmers and 4 artists.

This was my first major project where I worked through each milestone with a team to create a finished product, emulating a real game studio.

Source Code Game

Neural Network Snake

  • Advanced mathematics
  • Knowledge of Advanced AI algorithms

This project was created in 2019 using C++ during my final year at AIE. The idea was to produce a modular game system which can be implemented into any project. I decided to stretch my boundaries and create a neural network to be implemented into a snake game and trained via genetic algorithm.

Source Code

Kamikaze Mutant Explosion

  • Fast working
  • Able to work under pressure

Created in 2019 in Unity as part of a game jam that took place over 2 days. Each team was given a prompt composed of 3 random words and had to design a game around it. My team's prompt was "Kamikaze Mutant Explosion". My team was composed of 2 designers, 4 artists and 1 programmer, being myself.

Source Code Game


  • Shader programming (GLSL)

KonGL is a basic 3D rendering program utilising C++ with OpenGL that I created in 2019. It was a demo to build experience writing different post-processing effects in shaders (GLSL).

I managed to achieve things such as basic phong shading and texturing, as well as post-processing effects such as chromatic aberration, distortion, pixelation and depth of field.

Source Code